tteresitta (tteresitta) wrote in interiors,

floor planing

This is my first post here...
I hope that someone could help me.
I am a student of Interior Design graduating this summer. So i have to elaborate my diploma work. But I can't find suitable floor planings for making 3D interior. The main aspect of environment that I am going to develop are - two level (preferable but not essential) flat or loft ( all other things could be variable).
So the main things are - split or two level apartment or/and apartment in attic zone. Quite spacious.
And format of floor planning - all of sorts (not essential AutoCAD or other 3D; 2D type, they can be pdf. jpg. etc.)
So If anybody can help with advice or even better have some kind of this type floor planning - let me know! I'll be greateful!
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