Lindsay (leightsy) wrote in interiors,

A tour of my little apartment...

I'm Lindsay - I live in Vancouver, BC in an apartment building built in 1908 which originally served as a travelers lodge. I ADORE it here - it's got 2 murphy beds, amazing sunshine and the most reliable heating I've ever experienced.

This is what you'd see when you come in the front door...

Living room..

I rarely close the double sliding doors between the bedroom and the living room.. it's nice to have that option though.
(and that's my kitty, Bella)

(me!) (and that built in piece is a murphy bed)

the view from the bedroom..

Daytime! (and bella again)

The kitchen is just through that door behind my boyfriend, Nigel - it's SUPER tiny - old gas stove.. etc. the best part of it is the fire escape that gets evening sunshine (even in the winter) - and under the built in furniture you can see in this picture is one of the murphy beds, the bathroom is actually UP on top of the bed when it's pushed in, behind that wall.

that's ginkth - my kitty ♥ and my best friend Mal

I don't have any pictures of ME in my kitchen.. :(

my favourite plant

When you come in the front door - head to the right and you'll pass through a coat area (complete with ice box) and then you'll go up three stairs to the bathroom..

and that pretty much concludes my mini apartment tour. thanks guys!!!
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