Starr (cowprintavenger) wrote in interiors,

Ideas and suggestions wanted!

Here's an opportunity to go nuts and redesign someone else's room...I'm buying my first house and nearly all of the rooms are scruffy and need to be redecorated. I know what I'm going to do with most of them, but I'm totally stuck on what to do with the bathroom, so I thought I'd throw the metaphorical doors open to all of your ideas and suggestions!

It's quite a large room but the window is only fairly narrow so it doesn't get a huge amount of light. The bath, sink & toilet are all white and I don't intend to replace them. The floor is pale wood laminate, and the ceiling, bizarrely, is made of pine floorboards which makes the room look kind of upside down. I was vaguely planning to do it in shades of aqua/turquoise and have it quite bright, but I'm fairly sure that would look wrong with all the wood.

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I'm deliberately not saying what my usual taste in decorating is, as I want to keep an open mind and not necessarily always go for the same kind of look. All suggestions welcome, however crazy!
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